Meet UV480 (aka Casper)

If you see an Ultra Van and you fall in love, there is no going back. This was the case for me, when I happened upon this adorable rig one early morning last summer. Super eye catching, with its curvy shape and retro look, I had to pull over and check it out. A handy description posted in one window gave me the summary of this remarkable van (and a hint about the equally remarkable owners). Naturally, I peeked through the window.  There was a cute little bench/couch, a mini kitchen, and a dash board shelf that looked like it could substitute for a bar – all in matching color. And that was all it took. I fell in love. I had been dreaming about getting a camper van for family adventures and day trips, but never had I imagined a van like this. I went home, sat outside under the oaks with a cup of coffee, and sang a song about my new love.  Out of reach, adorable and a possible fulfillment of a dream – it was all so classic. This was a love I could share with my family, and I immediately sent pictures to my husband and told him about it. Before long, I decided to write a note to the owner, professing my love for his/her vehicle and asking to be added to their list of adoring fans and people-wishing-to-buy-their-van. I returned to the car shop where I had seen the van, and got the opportunity to poke my head in the door and speak with the mechanic. The first thing out of his mouth was, “It’s not for sale, lady.” But he let me take a look and listened to my story of how campers run in the family (my sister and brother-in-law now own our grandparents’ vintage Airstream), and he agreed to give my note to the owner. Feeling complete, I went home.

It’s a funny thing how we can become so attached to our dreams that when they actually walk into our lives (or roll, as the case may be), it can come as a real surprise. It is also really wonderful how our dreams can come to us along with many other new things like friendships, adventures and fun. Very soon after delivering my love note, I got a call from the owner of UV480, as this van is called. He suggested that he might be open to selling his Ultra Van, and that is how my dream started to become a reality. To be honest, I had not thought that we would be purchasing this van any time soon, if at all! But now, suffice it to say, that Casper has become a part of our family, and we are gearing up for our first Ultra Van Rally! Dreams do come true, and we look forward to a great ride full of fun and friendship and open roads! We hope you will come along in spirit and we’ll keep you posted here!





2 thoughts on “Meet UV480 (aka Casper)

  1. Great to see someone else blogging about their UV adventures. Check out our blog at

    Carl and Fran Jones, Libby and
    The Righteous Coach


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