Casper is a Cutie!

I’m driving Casper! And I can’t stop taking pictures of him! That is how adorable this vehicle is. I’m infatuated! Everywhere I go, when I walk up to it, I want to snap a photo, because there is sits, welcoming me with its roundy curves and one-of-a-kind smile. The fun is increased because I am finally driving the dear thing. Finally, the fear of crashing mail boxes and bumping over curbs is over. I has taken me nearly a whole year to get up the courage to drive, and now, after some practice, I can comfortably go for a grocery run or even a longer haul, when the time arrives. I have learned the importance of timing in regard to the weather, position of the sun, season (which can’t always be helped) and rush hour. But strangely, even when my timing is off, the way seems to clear for me. Hopefully, the way is also clear, now, for me to blog a bit more often and share some fun adventures. We did have a truly wonderful time at our first Ultra Van rally, where we met so many great folks and learned so much, getting the low-down on Ultra Vans and the culture of their people. It is impressive how much these aficionados know! We can only hope, and will do our utmost, to learn as much and hold the bar equally high as we keep the legend going. Here are a few snapshots of sweet Casper. He’s a love!


2 thoughts on “Casper is a Cutie!

  1. You’re giving me courage to get the Airstream out there – it seems like there’s always one more thing to fix, and I can’t wait till it’s just a regular thing to hitch it up and head out. BTW loving that picture of you and your groovy red hair.

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